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  • Cost: 550 Euro

  • Early Birds: 450

  • Deposit: 100 eu

  • Duration: 2 days (Weekends)

  • Places: 10

On completion of Practitioner Certification you may wish to progress your studies to Diploma Award with additional intensive workshops. On Level 3 you will be learning Powerful Pranic Breatharian Healing Technique ( Breath of Awareness ) Meditation and Relaxation Technics -to help You shift stock dense energies, slip Into the Heart Space, Empower Yourself with Life, tuned to Your Authentic Self in the most relaxed and stress free way so you can share this knowledge with your clients and create powerful healing time. On This level I also show you how to incorporate additional energy treatments. Level 3 provides  information you need to know in order to set up your own business.

Training Includes:

  • Pranic Breatharian Healing Technique ( Breath of Awareness )

  • Sound Meditation Technique with Solfeggio frequencies and¬†Improvisation¬†with drum, crystal bowls

  • Heart coherence,Mindfulness -guided meditation with sound. Intervals , Assembladge poinst

  • How to incorporate additional energy treatments e.g. Reiki into your Sound Therapy

  • Becoming a Practitioner/Setting up Your Own Business

  • Characteristics of a good Sound Healing Therapist

  • Continuous Personal Development

  • In Service, Business set up, regulations and rules, taxes, legal responsibilities etc. Ethics, Client Intake Forms, Insurance Marketing, Networking, Advertising


There will be a practical evaluation in which the participants will have to give a supervised sound healing massage to another student. Thirty practice treatments will need to be carried out and written up to complete the course. It is possible to do up to three treatments on one person.
Students will also need to complete a 1500 word essay in the end of the course.


To receive their Sound Healing Practitioner’s certificate Diploma Award students will need to:

  • Attend all three parts of the Sound Healing Practitioner Course

  • Complete the 15 practice treatments

  • Complete the essay

  • Attend the additional 2 Sound Healing Workshops

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