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Sound Healing Training

Introduction into Sound healing therapy

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                                                        1. Introduction to Sound Healing Course. 

 Dates for Level 1- Certificate – Introduction to Sound Healing

24-25-25th of March 


28-29-30th of April


This course is perfect for those that would like to do the treatment yourself and for friends. You will learn the BASIC method of doing a session with Tibetan bowls and Gong, Choosing a singing bowl, and playing the bowl as a self-meditation.  We will be exploring and experiencing how healing sounds and your voice can be used for creating positive vibrational shifts in consciousness, cleansing, and clearing the chakras.

This training aims to familiarize you, with the basic principles of Sound Massage. Not only will you have the opportunity to experience the “Sound Massage” yourself, but you will also receive your first instructions in sound massage applications, and, as a result, but you will also be able to perform the “Sound Massage” for private

Module 1 Introduction to Sound Healing Therapy  (3,5h – 24 th March online)

  • What is sound healing and How sound healing works?
  • Tibetan Singing bowls Origins, history, and usage
  • ACAMA Peter Hess Tibetan bowls -characteristic
  •  Sound healing theory

Module 2  Tibetan Singing Bowls (25th March  10am- 4:30pm practical part)

  • How to connect and play with Tibetan Singing Bowls +meditation
  • Sound healing treatment with Tibetan bowl
  • Drumming with Chanting, Healing Movement

Module 3 Step-by-step practice how to make a sound healing session (26th March from 10am- 16:30 pm )

  • How to make basic sound healing massage with Tibetan bowls and other instruments- practical part 
  •  How to disconnect from the client / psychic protection after a session.
  • Chanting, Toning, Healing Movement
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We offer Accommodation:

Accommodation and food are available 

1 or 2 Nights + breakfast  the 24th and 25th of Feb / optional / 1night 50 EU

1 Lunch VEGETARIAN /optional/ 25eu


Oldtown, The Orchard – 10 min from Swords Co.Dublin

Code: A45YD29 

Bus: 41 B – From :Dublin City Centre, Eden Key

                     To : Lispopple  stop numer 1735 

Please let us know how you will get here as we need to pick you up from bus station by car /5 min / to get to the finall destination.

Link to 41b line schedule

Welcome to Fairylane. There’s a house here that is a living breathing vessel of love of the land and the people who enter it. The sun and moon follow you through the rooms and beautifies your time here. To experience a sound workshop here adds to the experience of learning. It lends itself to the ceremony of sound  healing . With the option to stay over in a bedroom /en-suite room or just come for the day of the workshop. There’s delicious vegetarian food and snacks available. There are treatments after the workshop and a beautiful walk available for you to experience too. 

Session Access :

  • Live Zoom access links 
  •  Community Group- you will get access to our Facebook group
  •  video recordings (posted within 48 hours following the live session)
  • Course Materials and video with instructions
  • You’ll have a personal tutor who will guide you to complete the course.
  • After our online sessions,  meeting in Dublin for extra practical part -12 hours. Then I will be able to give you the Certificate – Introduction in Sound healing Level 1.
  • Nadabrhama Health Academy has Accreditation by the Complementary  Medical Association (CMA) 
  • If you won’t be able to attend in Dublin I will send you instruction videos on how to do step by step basic individual sessions with Tibetan bowls and you will have to record your session and sent it to me then I will be able to send it you your Certificate level 1.
  • This online course could be your first step to get a Diploma in Sound Healing.
  • I will be organizing soon   2 and 3 Level.  Diploma in Sound Healing is especially geared for a holistic therapist who wishes to gain a professional qualification in Sound Healing, so you can then gain insurance to do your practice



EARLY BIRD until 15 of Jan 430 eu by paing deposit 100 eu to reserve your spot.



TAG : martasound

ph number 085131578

Bank Transfer – please contact me for details



After a payment , please send me your email addressand I will send you a link for zoom meeting.

If you can’t attend the course on live you will get a recording from the session and you can listen and watch when is possible for you. 




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