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Sacred Sound Women's Circle

Spiritual journey of women , gathering togetther for fullfilling and connection, community of women,

The essence of the workshop is to strengthen your connection with your innate intuitive gifts, and authentic power and awaken you to your higher wisdom. During a workshop will work with sacred sounds, chants, and medicine movements to reconnect us with elements to guide you through your inner journey so we can find a way to your Infinite Well.
We will visit powerful ancient site Hill of Tara at the Holly Well. We will be working outdoors and indoors,to promote the power of strengthening our relationship with 5 elements of nature. This work is especially supportive for people who suffer from anxiety or depression as it helps them to self-regulate and develop a sense of inner calm. This feminine practice is probably for you if: I feel strained and you won't rest in the feeling that you love and are loved you miss the trust of support.

What do we offer in Women's Circle ?

A women's circle is a meeting of women in order to share, feel and relish in each other’s company. This is the ultimate ‘safe space’, a place where women can commune, open up and feel seen and heard. Sacred Sound Space Holder Marta invites you to reclaim the women's circle by exploring and remembering the true power of your feminine

Cost:65 eu, Booking: 30eu, 

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The most basic intentionality behind working in the circle is to believe that there is a leader in each and every chair gathered in the circle and that honestly as a group we will be wiser, and our decision will be better if we hear the voices of everyone. When a person is talking the rest of the circle is listening and it is the act of listening that creates leadership in every chair to know that you have a chance to say your piece to address whatever perspective you are bringing to the purpose of the meeting 

What can I expect :

We will use a simple, yet powerful 3-round format to explore what is present in us and share our experiences as women and as humans in a safe and honest environment.

Round 1:  Check-ins: How are you arriving? 

The container is set by welcoming in everyone’s voice and naming what we are bringing in our bodies, minds and hearts.

Round 2: Going Deeper: What is wanting to be expressed?

Using simple and deep prompts, each person will have the space to share what is alive for them: What touches your heart? What are you struggling with? What needs a safe place to be shared?  You will also receive the gifts of other’s shares as you bear witness to others’ truths and practice compassionate listening.

Round 3: Check-outs: What are you taking away?

There is much to be gained in our collective wisdom.  We will leave the evening harvesting the riches of our shares and our witnessing.  What gifts and insights will you be taking into your life?

During the circle, each woman speaks in turn, giving herself the so-called speaking stick, i.e. the object of power (stick, shell, stone, etc.) – only the person who holds the object speaks. This makes it impossible to ask questions and comment. The circle gives you the opportunity – it allows you to establish, cut out, name yourself what is happening, it allows you to say a loud about your dreams, recreate yourself for new ones. During the Circle, we listen with attention and empathy, without judging, and we do not give advice. We only talk about ourselves and our feelings, we don’t talk about others, we don’t generalize, we don’t criticize. When our turn comes, we don’t speak, we can tell by passing on the string. The rule of thumb is that the circle should be a safe place. 

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For Gong bath please take with you  blanket for your own comfort  and water.

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