Online course Sacred Sounds for the Land and your body

/Online course Sacred Sounds for the Land and your body
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Online Training

Sacred Sounds for the land and your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki with Sound Healing

                                                        Sacred sounds for the land and your body, mind and spirit

3 Modules of an interactive online course ( 3 meetings)

      3,  10,17 th of January 

The purpose of this training returns to reconnecting to Nature through Sacred Sounds that awaken the inner healer within. Our Earth is a place of magic and wonder, beauty, and energy, the vision for the future is to keep creating a place to enrich the spirit, where people can find a space to share and learn. We as co-creators can work together to help bring into fruition a new era by coming into harmony with ourselves and each other. It taps into indigenous wisdom, the wisdom of the land, the wisdom of spirit. Let us all sing the heart song we all share. In this course, we will connect with our voices and instruments like drum, rattle, flute, Tibetan bowl. 

Module 1   (2h – 3 Jan)

  • Connecting to the Land, the Wells, the Sacred Places with your sacred sounds instruments
  • Grounding with the Earth
  • Shamanic Rattles, Drum, Tibetan  bowl– a deep journey through the sounds 
  • Tibetan Sound Healing meditation part 1

Module 2   (2h- 10 Jan)

  • How to connect and start playing with a Flute special guest Tommy Harevis ( specialize in ethnic flutes from many cultures around the world)
  • The Music of Birds, Mountains & Trees
  •  Connect with Water and Fire Elements through Sounds and your voice 
  • Tibetan Sound Healing meditation part 2

Module 2    (2h -17 Jan)

  • Ancestors calling -Shamans sounds
  • Connect with Air and Space element through sounds and voice
  • Tibetan Sound healing meditation part 3
Online sound healing course

Session Access :

  • Live session Zoom access links
  • Course Community Group access link
  • Audio & video recordings (posted within 48 hours following the live session
  • Course Materials and video with instructions
  • You’ll have a personal tutor who will guide you to successfully complete the course.
Sound Healing Practitioner Level 3
Tibetan Bowls Sound Massage

After your payment, please send me your email address and I will send you the link for Zoom Registration.

  150 Eu   buy  by paypal 

 Bank transfer – please contact me for details


If you can’t attend the course on live you will get a recording from the session and you can listen and watch when is possible for you. 

Also if you would like to join me for :

  • Online voice healing training.
  • it will be on the 4th 11th and 18 of December and If you would like to buy 2 courses will be a special discount of 50 EU off.
  • Online sound healing training:  welcome it will on 12th19th and 26 of November.

      If you would like to attend on 3 Courses special discount  100eu  off  from 650 EU


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