This item includes ethically sourced rabbit fur and hand-turned wood. Other materials include wooden beads, faux suede binding, hessian, and sinew. The item has been hand-painted as inspired by spirit in preparation for its destined owner.
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Historically medicine rattles have been identified in the majority of ancient cultures. Children would often be gifted a rattle not only for its play value but also as a sacred object of protection.
Shamans perceive the rattle sharing the essence of water. just as the rain cleanses and assists growth as does the rattle; washing over us cleansing the physical and spiritual body. The spirit of the rattle activates the healing properties of the materials used within the rattle such as the beads, herbs, and feathers.
It is said that hearing the voice of the rattle with clarity can be challenging for some. To hear the voice of the rattle requires quietening the mind may be through meditation, focussing, and applying patience to the process!. It is through connecting with the voice of the rattle that we can connect with the spirit within and achieve true magic. Rattles and shakers are a great tool for musical entertainment and relaxation.