One to One Gong Bath

//One to One Gong Bath
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  • Cost: 60 Euro

  • Duration: 60min

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During this treatment, you are lying in front of large symphonic gongs.
This treatment it has a regenerating effect on the immune system and induces an immediate sensation of energy re-balancing.

The benefits of sound healing occur on a cellular level, rippling out to also impact the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of the energy system. It can support better sleep, a reduction in anxiety and stress levels, physical and energetic blocks, and personal development.

Sound sessions in both group and 1:1 settings can provide a safe environment to both experience deep relaxation and the opportunity to learn how to manage our stress levels more successfully. 1:1 sound sessions are individually tailored to the client making for a unique experience for each person.

What you might experience during and after Gong Meditation:

  • A sense of peace

  • Spontaneous meditative state

  • Access to parts of your mind that are usually closed

  • Feeling refreshed and revitalized

  • Better sleep

  • Stress reduction

  • Changes in old patterns of behavior, habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you and are harmful to your health

  • Cleansing of negative energy and emotions

  • Connecting with your higher self

  • Recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments

  • Better coping with life’s challenges

  • Increase in energy flow

  • Creativity, intuition and motivation

  • Positive changes to our whole being

  • Removal of blockages and toxins

  • Self-regeneration

  • Strengthening of immune system


  • Pregnancy (not recommended under 3 months, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester).

  • Tinnitus/Meniere’s/Epilepsy – any condition which is ‘sound sensitive’ or could be triggered by sound.

  • Metal Implants/pins/screws/pacemaker etc. (can resonate the metal and also change rhythm of pacemaker).

  • Mental health condition (anyone with a serious Mental Health condition).


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