Tantra with sound healing workshop for women ,,Into the bliss,,

/Tantra with sound healing workshop for women ,,Into the bliss,,
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Beautiful Woman🌹🌹🌹
💥Do you find enough time to experience yourself?
💥Do you feel your own POWER and the POWER of the female circle?
💥Do you experience the full potential of your own feminity?
💥Do you know all the places on your body (not just the more obvious ones) that like to be caressed?
If you are touched by any (or all) of these questions, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!👌🎉🔥☀️
During our time together, in the company of women only, we will create a safe space in which each of us will have the opportunity to DISCOVER YOURSELF.
You will come into a deeper relationship with yourself, you will get to know your body, heart and your desires better, and you will feel part of a larger whole – the FEMALE TRIBE – SISTERHOOD.
The Sisterhood of Women is an inspiring and empowering experience – the Power of Feminine Energy. Where there is no room for competition, manipulation, jealousy, and there is room for kindness, learning to express what is easy and difficult, for sharing experiences, for tears of sadness and emotions, for joy and spontaneous laughter.
For fun, dancing, music and singing, for meditation, conscious touch, massages, for rituals, awakening intuition.
For everything – what is feminine.
During this workshop, we will set off together on a journey in which we will experience:
🌺a dance in which the mind loses the ability to control and the body is directed by the heart,
🌺 creativity, we will create a space where we will be able to express ourselves through the power of voice,
🌺 being, in the body, in the embrace of other sisters, your own and Mother Earth,
🌺 healing breath that connects us with our hearts,
🌺 connections with other women and community,
🌺 tantric rituals, practices and meditations,
🌺 the sounds of gongs and Tibetan bowls,
🌺 deeper entry into oneself with shamanic drums.
We invite you today to join us into the depths of female potential!
👉WHERE: Unit 2 and 3 Crossguns Business Park, Royal Canal Bank, Phibsborough Dublin7
👉WHEN: 10th of April (Sunday)
👉ENERGY EXCHANGE: early booking until 27 of the February -69euro after this date  79euro
Required deposit: 30 EU
Paypal: by email health.sound@gmail.com
or by website
If you need more information, feel free to get in touch with us:
👤Marta – 085 103 1578
👤Gosia – 086 064 7525
About us:
Marta has been working as a healer and holistic teacher for the past number of years. My focus on Sound Therapy in the form of Tibetan bowls Gongs and Voice Therapy lead me to achieve Optimum Health and Well Being. In my work my intention is to bring balance to everyone’s body and mind, opening the quietness and stillness of the mind that is always present but clouded by our distracting thoughts.
By using therapeutic sounds I create this mindfulness meditation for myself and others. I am inviting the bells to go to very deep meditation to calm down our feelings disturbing thoughts and to recognize our open and pure being. Sound frequencies are an invaluable and powerful healing tool. I work with them regularly during my own self-healing and meditation and whilst working with clients.

Gosia: Certified tantric masseuse, tantric, holistic, and sexual healer. Completed 2 years long Tantra Teachers Training at the International Tantra Essence School run by world-renowned Tantra Master – Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (in Europe)
Finished series of tantric trainings for women (Red, White, Green Tara) with international teacher – Santoshi (in Poland)
Participated and completed certified The Art of Tantra Massage Professional Training in John Hawken’s International School – The Paths of Transformation (in Czech Republic)
Facilitating workshops for women and also assisting in tantra massage training led by Freya Wolna – in Poland. Practicing Osho Meditation, Moon Meditations, Darkness Meditations. Completed Vipassana course. Exploring and learning about feminity, sexuality, Taoism and Tantra from books of: Shakti Mari Malan, Margo Anand, Mantak Chia, Prem Gitama.

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