Sound Healing Training level 2

//Sound Healing Training level 2
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Level 2 /

Cost: 480 Euro

  • Early Birds: 460 eu

  • Deposit: 100 eu

  • Duration: 3 days (Weekends)

    1 day – online and 2 days practical part in Dublin

  • Places: 10

Level 2 (3 days) prerequisite.

1 day online 16 th of June  Friday from 6:30- 9 pm and

2 practical days in Dublin 17and 18th of June  from 10am- 16 pm

For those who have completed Level 1 and wish to deepen their studies in Sound Therapy, Level 2 is a more intensive weekend workshop covering advanced sound healing techniques using Acama Certificate Tibetan bowl and Gongs. The focus of the Level I training course was on the physical body, during the Level II training course, we will move from working on the body to the bio-energetic field, also referred to as the aura that surrounds our body. You will refine and emphasize your awareness and appreciation of this energy field. You will expand your sensitivity of our body energetics and the effect of sound frequencies and its corresponding vibrations. You will develop your focus on the “power of consciousness”, the mental focus and inner attitude which is the base — the summation and the wholeness — of our method and our actions as a Sound Massage practitioner.

The curriculum incorporates the use of therapy “grade” singing bowls and gongs where the student will learn how to work in the human energy field to clean, strengthen and harmonize the subtle body, strengthening health in the holistic sense — as without, so within and vice versa.

Training Includes:


  • Areas of Application for Sound Massage

  • Benefits of Sound healing massage

  • Gongs-Origins, history, and usage

  • Harmonizing Chakras with sound

  • Conduct of Code Professional boundaries of Nadabrahma Health Academy (2 day)


  • Working in the Auric field with Sound healing (1 and 2 days)

  • Awareness and sensing of the energy field through our hands

  • Sensing the energy field through the sound of singing bowls and gongs

  • Applications of the singing bowls and gongs in the aura, aura painting, and packing

  • Principles of grounding through sound

  • Cleansing, strengthening, and harmonizing the aura with fen gongs

  • Practicing new elements with basic sound massage

  • The basics of playing gongs and crystal singing bowls

  • How to develop a gong playing practice for yourself.

    Please book with me the place –

    We offer Accommodation:

    Accommodation and food are available 

    1 or 2 Nights + breakfast  the 24th and 25th of Feb / optional / 1night 50 EU

    1 Lunch VEGETARIAN /optional/ 25eu


    Oldtown, The Orchard – 10 min from Swords Co.Dublin

    Code: A45YD29 

    Bus: 41 B – From :Dublin City Centre, Eden Key

    To : Lispopple  stop numer 1735

    Please let us know how you will get here as we need to pick you up from bus station by car /5 min / to get to the finall destination.

    Link to 41b line schedule



    TAG : martasound

    ph number 085131578

    Bank Transfer – please contact me for details

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