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Awakening harmony
Sound Bath, Family Constellations, and TRE®

 Join Us in this powerful workshop

We will begin with Sylwia Bartosz, an experienced facilitator in Family Constellations and TRE®, as she guides you through deep shadow work and the exploration of ancestral patterns, gently releasing stored tension and trauma. Together, we’ll navigate through the depths of emotions, creating a safe and supportive space to restore vitality and balance in body, soul, and mind. More info

After we will experience Sound Bath with Marta Lyszkiewicz-Toropow, enveloped in the harmonious frequencies of Tibetan bowls, Gongs, and Voice Therapy. Allow the therapeutic sounds to raise your vibration and open the pathways to mindfulness and deep relaxation. Through this immersive journey of sound, movement, and voice healing, you’ll embrace the quietness and stillness of your mind, letting go of distracting thoughts and connecting with your authentic self.

Discover the harmony that lies within you as we combine the wisdom of Family Constellations, the transformative power of TRE®, and the healing energies of Sound Bath. This workshop offers a unique and holistic approach to wellness, leaving you with a renewed sense of clarity, peace, and awakened harmony.

Contradiction for sound healing therapy

Inflammation, infection
Pregnancy -first trimester
Raynaud’s Disease, Buergerâ ‘s Disease
cancer (advanced stage 4)



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