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Divine Mother – Empowerment with Gong bath
In this workshop, we invoke the power of feminine energy by channeling the love and wisdom of the “Divine Mother”. The essence of the workshop is to strengthen your connection with your innate intuitive gifts, and authentic power and awaken you to your higher wisdom.
7th of May 2:30-19 pm
Cost 98 EU
Booking 30 EU
In Soul of Tara / Hill of Tara

Please contact me for booking
We will work with the Mother’s Archetype, bringing awareness and healing light to the way we got influenced by our mothers and female ancestors – the beliefs and conditionings about what is it to be a woman, about sexual energy and connection with the body, and about intimate relationships.
During a workshop will work with sacred sounds, chants, and medicine movements to reconnect us with elements to guide you through your inner journey so we can find a way to your Infinite Well.
During this workshop, time will be spent grounding and connecting to nature as well as enjoying the benefits of being out in nature at a powerful ancient site Hill of Tara. At the Holly Well, we will connect with the sacredness of this Mother Nature source.
We will go through group dynamics, rituals, and initiation to complete energies that may still be held in the body-mind system from the connection with our female ancestors. As we liberate the energies from old experiences we honor our roots as the source of life force and create space to receive the gifts of essential feminine qualities from the “Big Mother” and her unconditional love.
One of the main aims of this workshop, in working outdoors and indoors, is to promote the power of strengthening our relationship with 5 elements of nature. This work is especially supportive for people who suffer from anxiety or depression as it helps them to self-regulate and develop a sense of inner calm.
This feminine practice is probably for you if:
I feel strained and you won’t rest in the feeling that you love and are loved
you miss the trust of support, guidance, trust, and protection
you miss the cleansing



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