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Nadabrahma Health Academy Practioner Training

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The Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate with Tibetan bowls and Gongs from the Nadabrahma Health Academy consists of three-level covering basic to advanced techniques in Sound Healing Massage, Gong Bath, Voice healing, Crystal healing with sound, Relaxation, Meditation, Sacred Geometry Healing movement, Pranic Breatharian Healing Technique. Through our training modules, workshops, and retreats you can learn techniques to develop inner joy, strength energy. This program is giving a beautiful opportunity for us to create a better lifestyle, nourish our mind body and spirit, help to manifest happiness joy balance, and harmony in every aspect of our lives.

No prior experience is necessary to fully participate in these classes. Intuitive sound healing is a process principally of the heart. No prior vocal or instrumental training of any kind is necessary to participate fully. The classes are appropriate for novice and practitioner, for those whom wish to learn or improve their meditation skills, their practitioner skills, experience healing, and how to heal, in a fundamental, yet potentially profound manner, and those who wish to build community.

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Medical /Personal problem

Any individual who is under medical care for any major physical or psychological problem will need to have permission from their doctor or therapist before enrolling on our course. If you are unable for emotional, mental or physical reasons to take full responsibility for your health and well being throughout the course , we regret that these programs are not suitable for you .

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Nadabrahma Health Academy is a member of SHA Sound Healing Association (USA) established by Johnathan Goldaman good-father of sound healing. Also School is fully insured and provides Diploma Awards after the course which is recognised by Irish Insurance.




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