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Marta Toropow
Marta ToropowFounder of Nadabrahma Health Academy

Who Am I?

Hello and welcome
My name is Marta Lyszkiewicz-Toropow and I have been working as a healer and holistic teacher for the past number of years. My focus on Sound Therapy in the form of Tibetan bowls Gongs and Voice Therapy lead me to achieve optimum Health and Well Being. In my work my intention is to bring balance to everyone’s body and mind, opening the quietness and stillness of the mind that is always present, but clouded by ours distracting thoughts.

By using therapeutic sounds I create this mindfulness meditation for myself and others. I am inviting the bells to go to a very deep meditation to calm down our feelings disturbing thoughts and to recognise our open and pure being. Sound frequencies are an invaluable and powerful healing tool. I work with them regularly during my own self-healing and meditation and whilst working with clients.

  • CMA – Nadabrahma has accreditation from Complementary Medical Association

  • SHA – Member Sound Healers Association – Johnathan Goldman

Extra Info

Since 2009 I’m conducting a group workshop and individual sessions “Gong Bath” and “Voice healing meditation”. I am the founder of Sound Healing School – Nadabrahma Health Academy

For the last 2,5 years, I was working on Hill of Tara Open Studio in the Holistic center. At the moment  I am teaching from Dublin and Northern Ireland. I cooperate with a few yoga studios in Dublin creating sound and voice healing workshops, retreat, and Corpo wellness events.

I am sure that all who will be participated after the sound healing sessions will be deeply satisfied, relaxed, and full of positive energy.

Education in Fields

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  • The Institute of Sound Massage Therapy in Unzen (Germany) in Sound massage According to Peter Hess

  • The Sound Healing College in UK – Rahanni Angel healer practitioner (Catherine McDonnell)

  • Master Reiki – (Ireland Krystyna Lazur)

  • The University of Silesia in Poland – First Class Honours Degree in 2004 in Arts and Teaching

  • IADT – Post-graduate Diploma in event cultural management 2015

  • Liberate the voice of your soul – 16 weeks seminar with Chloe Goodchild 2017

  • Pranic Healing 2019

Benefits of sound healing

  • Release blocks, tensions, traumas, aches & pains

  • Re-pattern your cells and subconscious mind

  • Balance your physical & subtle energy systems

  • Connect with your Highest Self

  • Experience deep feelings of joy, calm, peace and unity

  • Learn how to help others with healing sounds

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