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Are you ready for creating a deeper connection with yourself through sound healing? To rise happy and empower live.

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Would you like to help people transform their lives through the practice with sound and voice healing and become certified Sound and Voice practitioner?

  • Does it seem to you that you feel lonely and unhappy in your life?

  • Do you feel maybe stuck less motivated and no deeper meaning?

  • Are you tired of navigating burn out, stress heartbreak and the work/life balance?

I can show you how to create life transformation that will free you to fully step into your power and elevate you to your highest potential.

Nadabrahma Health Academy

My name is Marta Lyszkiewicz Toropow and l am owner of Nadabrahma Health Academy.

My focus today is upon working with dynamic and ambitious women and men whom I inspire and empower to reconnect with their true self for that I created powerful Voice and Sound healing training.

Sound Healing School Ireland

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Sound Healing School Ireland

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Meditation with Gongs | Yoga sounds | Nadabrahma Health Academy


Let us take You to the Paradise

Please check our upcoming events in Nadabrahma Health Academy.

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Nadabrahma Health Academy provides a wide range of both individual and group treatments and workshops. During the sessions we focus on harmonizing your body cells, slowing brain waves and induce deeper state of relaxation.

Check our workshops and courses upcoming events!

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We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing treatments and life changing trainings!

It was the standout experience (…) I attended Marta session (…) the aim of the session is to realign and to harmonise; a holistic practice that clears any physical, mental or emotional trauma the body may be holding on to. A session will enhance the energy of the body. Unlike most practitioners, Marta, who also teaches sound healing, begins with a chat, akin to a small counselling session. Her aim is to identify the cause of your stress, in order to more effectively deal with it. She proved herself to be uncommonly perceptive in her advice. Afterwards, I lay on the bed, and she went to work, first using metal therapy Tibetan singing bowls which are placed on your body. Marta taps these, sending vibrations throughout you. After this came the gong bath; a process described as bathing the body in sound. It can feel like floating, some see visions. To me, it was like an accelerated meditation. The aftermath was like waking from the most refreshing nap of my life. If you have found yourself run-down, depleted to the point where even attending a yoga class seems like a struggle rather than enjoyment, this is for you. It requires nothing of you. When you cannot replenish yourself, sound therapy will do it for you. I felt as if I had been plugged into a reenergising force. Parent’s of small children, or carers, people with little time to themselves who need a short, hugely effective restoration, should try this.,,-Lia Hynes- Tatler Magazine.

Lia Hynes -Tatler magazine, Individual sound healing session

Amanda Phelman, Irish Independent

Just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. It was so special and both Lisa and myself are glowing after it and feeling the positive loving vibrations. Thank you for your kind heart and sharing your special gift with us. Lots of love and positivity Lisa & Mark

Mark and Lisa, Couple Session

Marta performed a “gong bath” sound healing for myself and my partner once in a group setting and second time in an individual session. I think I can speak for both of us in saying that it was an amazing experience–musically, spiritually, and physically–in every way. Each of us left the evening with a unique sense that something intangible within had shifted, in a positive and healing way. Both experiences were so different from each other on the first session I felt like I was floating or left my body, and second time I was very emotional and crying. After all it left me to believe that I just never know what my experience will be but it is amazing!  We are grateful to Mart and would strongly recommend the experience to others.

Karolina and Ronan, Couple Session

I suffer from persistent headaches and I have been using pain killers to deal with my pain for some time. I try not to take too much medication, as I am aware of the side effects it may have on the body. I believe that the sound healing could reduce or even eliminate my pain…

Ewa Byrne, Individual Session - Sound Healing Massage

 Wonderful experience this session will move you to the land of music that relaxes heals, supports and cleans and moves the deepest strings of our existence

Courtney Davis, Individual Session - Sound Healing Massage

What a beautiful Gong bath, The beautiful sound journey is deeply relaxing and the Gong Baths at Tara Open Studio are a little piece of bliss in the chaos of the week. I float out of there rebalanced, calm and at peace. I had no idea sound could be so healing 🙂 ”

Kate Fitzpatrick, Gong bath
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